“When Fire Breathes”

When fire breathes in Earthly realms and spreads amongst the trees

Wilderness becomes subdued uncontrollably

Fervid forces quickly spread and scatter throughout the scene

Once a thriving display of life is now a hazy smokescreen

Framed by blackened land, the sky is non-existent

Erased by burning skeletons, flattened in an instant

Yet, beyond the ash and remnants in a land deceased

Gently swaying in the distance, the breeze blows underneath

An alien to its surroundings, one oak tree stands tall

Unseemly unfit, but stronger than them all

A different flame is created through the spark within its twigs

New roots form in the soot and deeper down it digs

A barrier is created surrounding it all

No heat, no fire, or no ash can penetrate the wall

Luscious greens emanate despite the vast remains

Where living, breathing oxygen spreads throughout its veins

Though scars abide in barren sights and may never fade

This oak tree will always blossom when the fire invades



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