Who The Hell Is Bec and Why Should I Give a Damn?

Perhaps you’ve randomly stumbled upon my blog and you’re wondering “Who the hell is Bec and why should I give a damn ?” I don’t have a say on who you give your “damns” to, but while you’re here at least allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Bec/Becca/Becky/Beccaroo. I have a bunch of nicknames and you can choose whichever one you’d like to address me as. Or perhaps you have a cooler nickname for me, such as “The Beccanator”. I’d go by that too!

Whatever it is that you choose to call me there’s one thing you need to know before we start this potential relationship. I’m not your ordinary 20-something-year-old girl. I have Bipolar II and I’m managing it all in natural, alternative ways. You can say that my life has its major ups and major downs. Ha! Side note: I’m horrible at puns. Was that actually a pun?

I don’t work a full-time,  9-5 job. Instead, I work three jobs, one of them as a professional dancer. I’m part of a special breed of human that can’t function in office jobs. A Creative that needs to live life outside of the norm.  Therefore, I take on the challenge of trying to live a structured life with Bipolar, while managing an ever-changing routine as a creative being. Here’s why you should give a damn about my blog:

Why You Should Give A Damn About My Blog:

  • You’re like me trying to navigate life blinded by life itself. Well, two blind people navigating together is better than one trying to navigate on their own!
  • You need raw and vulnerable people in your life. I feel that it’s my calling to be open about my life in order to help others, and that’s what you’re going to get.
  • You’re like me and you need a reminder that you’re not alone. I have a passion for helping people, a major motivator for this blog.
  • I’ll give you insight, tips, and advice on how to manage an unordinary life with mental illness. Maybe you too are a special breed of human (whatever that means to you). I’ll give you tips on eating, planning, dating, routines, emotions, etc.! P.S. You don’t need to have Bipolar, or any mental illness at all, to relate. My blog is just about living life!
  • I have a wide variety of content so you’ll never get bored. You’ll get advice, humor, raw emotions, random snapshots of my day, real journal entries, ramblings, random nothingness, poetry, dance, and “Beckyisms” (You’ll have to keep following to understand what those are, my friend!)
  • Some days you’ll need a laugh, some days you’ll need someone to cry with you. No worries, I got chu!
  • You need a new means of procrastination and this blog is as good as any.
  • You’ve read this far. I’d say you’ve already given me at least a smidge of a damn.

I’m just an ordinary girl trying to live an unordinary life. Join me on my journey as I navigate through it. I’m calling all writers, dancers, musicians, engineers, artists, mathematicians, geniuses, aliens, old people, young people…I don’t care who you are or what walk of life you come from. Life is not meant to be lived alone! I’m Bec and I’d be honored for you to give a damn about my blog.





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